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KJ Harrison & Partners Inc. is a private investment firm based in Toronto that offers discretionary investment management to high net worth individuals and families.  We currently manage approximately $860 million for clients with an average portfolio in excess of $1 million.

KJ Harrison was established by Jim Harrison in 2001 to manage the assets of our Partners and a select group of private families, who share our investment values.  Our promise to our clients is to be as careful and sensible with their money as we are with our own, and to treat them as partners. 

Our firm is built on outstanding investing. A disciplined and opportunistic approach and attention to risk are the hallmark of our investment philosophy. 

We are committed to deepening our relevance to our clients and their long-term wealth by providing highly personalized client service and a strategic approach to wealth management through a dynamic capital allocation process.

Our firm is carefully designed to address the two biggest challenges faced by private clients:

  1. Ensuring that they actually receive the returns available to them from the equity markets.    
  2. Ensuring that we add value as an investment manager versus the corresponding benchmark.

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